Stephanie D. Teasley

Research Associate Professor & Director of PhD Program
School of Information

Dr. Stephanie D. Teasley is a research professor and director of the doctoral program at the School of Information. She is also director of the Usability, Support and Evaluation Lab in the Digital Media Commons Lab at the Duderstadt Center.

Teasley's current research focuses on the social and cognitive processes in collaboration. She researches technology use to support key aspects of collaboration for both co-located groups and distributed groups. She has extensive experience assessing work practices and user needs, and designing, implementing, and evaluating technology use. She has conducted her work in schools, Fortune 500 companies, and with the biomedical community where she has helped to support the scientific activity in several distributed research centers. She is also involved in the development and evaluation of collaborative tools for academic research and teaching in higher education.

Her work has been published in Science, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, Social Science Computing Review, Journal of Medical Internet Research; editions of Discourse, Tools, and Reasoning: Situated Cognition and Technologically Supported Environments and Distributed Work: New Research on Working Across Distance Using Technology; and she is the co-editor of Perspectives on Socially Shared Cognition.


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