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  • Tue

    Jane Prophet


    When and where: 2/26 @11: 30 AM, Ehrlicher Room (North Quad room 3100) (add to calendar)

    Please help forward this announcement to anyone who might be interested! Light lunch will be provided. Please RSVP by 12 PM on 2/24 if you will be there.



    After a brief introduction to her collaborative research, Prophet will focus on one current project, Pocket Penjing. Cultivating public engagement in environmental issues is not simply a matter of educating and presenting factual data to citizens, it necessitates encouraging people to actively engage with, and articulate, these concerns to others in their own localities in a socially meaningful way.  We developed an app, Pocket Penjing, to grow simulated 3D trees from live environmental data displayed using augmented reality (AR). We tested the app via two studies with over 70 Chinese participants. The first, a user evaluation and design study, recommended new features. In the second, a focus group responded to the redesigned app which was delivered by a wizard-of-oz demonstration. Our findings point to the importance of 1) modeling local variants and 2) sharing AR trees with friends and family. Based on these findings, we argue that AR cultural artefacts that encourage citizen construction of culturally-relevant social spaces and interactions support richer, situated sense-making of data.


    Visual artist, Jane Prophet, works across media and disciplines to produce apps, objects and installations, frequently combining traditional and computational media. Prophet’s papers position art in relation to contemporary debates about new media and mainstream art, feminist technoscience, artificial life and ubiquitous computing. Professor Prophet received a PhD in arts education from Warwick University in 1995. She has contributed widely to debates about art and computation, in particular, interdisciplinary collaboration. Her current research spans augmented reality, 3D print and projection mapping. She joined Stamps School of Arts & Design in July 2018 as their inaugural associate dean for Research