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  • Tue

    [Talk] Kelly Murdoch Kitt - Intercultural Interaction Design: Facilitating Communication, Collaboration, and Co-Creation

    11:30 amErhlicher Room(NQ 3100), 105 S. State St. Ann Arbor




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    Although tools for working across distance and time are prevalent, inexpensive, and accessible to many, their existence does not guarantee successful intercultural work. Culturally attuned methods are the missing ingredient to bring design teams together across geographic and social borders. Kelly Murdoch-Kitt's ongoing research, in collaboration with Denielle J. Emans (of Virginia Commonwealth University's campus in Doha, Qatar), has identified typical friction points that often emerge in computer-mediated, cross-cultural collaborations. In response, Murdoch-Kitt and Emans have created a series of participatory, design-based methods to enhance cross-cultural collaborations. Hands-on information visualizations—created by students or professional design practitioners involved in intercultural collaborations—are one example of a method that can contribute significantly to improved communications and workflow, as well as a shared sense of community.


    Kelly Murdoch Kitt is an Assistant Professor at University of Michigan’s Stamps School of Art and Design. She is drawn to design through her keen interest in people, systems, and interpersonal interactions. Her work and teaching integrate visual communication, interaction, user experience, and service design with behavior change and social engagement, drawing on her previous professional experience as a UX strategist in the San Francisco Bay Area. Murdoch Kitt’s recent research examines and develops methods and tools to promote effective intercultural design collaboration. She enjoys bringing these topics to life for her students through virtual interactions with Professor Denielle Emans’ design classes at Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar. In addition to co authoring chapters for the Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Design and the Springer Handbook of Sustainability and Social Science Research, Murdoch Kitt and Emans were recently jointly recognized by the Design Incubation Teaching Awards for their ongoing intercultural design collaborations in sustainability. They are currently authoring their first book  to document and share their design-based methods for cross-cultural communication, collaboration, and co-creation.