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  • Tue

    [Talk] Gierad Laput - Unleashing Ubiquitous, Unobtrusive and Practical Contextual Sensing.

    11:30 amErhlicher Room(NQ 3100), 105 S. State St. Ann Arbor

    After a two-week MISC hiatus, on Tuesday (03/06 @ 11:30 AM. North Quad, Ehrlicher Room NQ 3100), Gierad Laput from Carnegie Mellon University will give a talk titled Unleashing Ubiquitous, Unobtrusive and Practical Contextual Sensing.


    Please help forward this announcement to anyone who might be interested! Light lunch will be provided. Please RSVP if you will be there :

    As computing becomes increasingly embedded into the fabric of everyday life, systems that understand people’s context of use are of paramount importance. Regardless of whether the platform is a mobile device, wearable, or smart infrastructure, context offers an implicit dimension that is vital in reducing interactive viscosity and increasing the richness of human-computer interactions. In this talk, I introduce two visions for greatly enhancing context awareness without costly or invasive instrumentation: 1) using wearables to transform the human arm into an input and sensing platform, and 2) transforming spaces into smart environments with general-purpose “synthetic” sensors. By combining novel sensing with machine learning, my work transforms raw signals into intelligent abstractions that can power rich, context-sensitive applications, unleashing the potential of next-generation computing platforms.

    Gierad is a Ph.D. candidate at Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science, specializing in Human-Computer Interaction. His research explores the intersection of sensing and machine learning, enabling fluid, unobtrusive, and more human-centric applications. Gierad received his B.S. EE and M.S.I. at the University of Michigan. His work has garnered multiple Best Paper awards, and he’s been invited to the program committees for ACM CHI 2018, UIST 2018, and CHI 2019. He is a Qualcomm, Adobe, Yahoo! and Disney Research Fellow, and is a recipient of the prestigious Fast Company Innovation by Design Award. Gierad is also Editor-in-Chief of XRDS, ACM’s premiere magazine for students.


    Please join us for this talk on 3/6 @ 11:30 AM