Event Information:

  • Thu

    Ping-Chen Yeh: A Conversation on Gamification and Education Technology: PaGamO - Gamify Learning, from Higher Education to K-12 Settings

    9:00am-10:30amVideo Viewing Room, Language Resource Center 1500 North Quad, 105 S. State St.

    PaGamO, a game designed for engaging online learners in Coursera, won the Overall Award of the Wharton-QS “Reimagine Education” because of its innovative use of gamification. Further, in response to the need of K-12 learners, more features have been developed, and the collaboration with textbook publishers is underway. The renowned platform is developed by the team led by Prof. Ping-Cheng (Benson) Yeh, a U-M alumnus, making a positive impact on educational innovation. In this talk, Prof. Yeh will share with us his work and experience in gamification for education, and also his extensive experience of collaborating with school teachers.

    Prof. Ping-Cheng (Benson) Yeh is a professor in the Department of Electronic Engineering and also the MOOC program director at the National Taiwan University (NTU) with a great passion for teaching. He is one of the world’s leading innovators in modern education and e-learning and he has pioneered many educational experiments and designs:
    - He is the first to win the Overall Award and E-Learning Award in "Wharton-QS 2014 Stars Awards: Reimagine Education", the "Oscars” of innovations in higher education.
    - He is the first in the world to design an MOOC-based multi-student social game to enhance the learning experience of thousands of students on Coursera.
    - He is the first to design a serious game with multi-student social features that can be applied to any courses, used by UPenn. and other universities.
    - He has set the record in Taiwan of more than 2,200 teachers participating in one talk.