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    [Canceled][Talk] Yahoo!/MISC - Jodi Forlizzi: User enactments: Providing a menu of possible futures

    12:00 - 01:00 pmNQ 3100 (The Ehrlicher Room), North Quad, 105 S. State St. Ann Arbor MI 48109



    Interaction design (IxD) continues to extend beyond its boundaries by collaborating with more disciplines and by addressing new types of problematic situations. In these cases, interaction designers must envision many new futures that have never existed, a type of work that can often be challenging. It is much too easy to design future technology that should not exists and/or that people will never accept. In response, design researchers and theorists have described both the process and challenge with problem and solution framing as a core part of design.

    Our research group has developed and evolved a design method we call speed dating. The name comes from romantic speed dating, where singles participate in many short dates with a number of potential mates, supported by props such as a tablecloth, candle, and glass of wine. Speed dating as a design method works similarly. A design team brings in a target set of participants, gives them a small taste of possible future designs, and probes them to critically reflect on the future they desire. These sessions often produce a request for a future found outside of the concepts presented, and one that could not have been directly inferred from fieldwork with the target participants.

    Over the last decade, we have evolved this method to address different kinds of problematic situations, varying the level of fidelity and interactivity to aid participants in reflecting on the aspects of the future we wanted to explore. In this talk, I will present the trajectory of our development of the speed dating design method. I will present a number of case studies illustrating how we manipulated fidelity and interactivity, and show how speed dating can result in new and better knowledge about desired futures. Finally, I will highlight the benefits and limitations of this interaction design approach.

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    Jodi Forlizzi is a Professor of Human-Computer Interaction in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University and a Co-founder of, a healthcare startup. She designs and researches systems ranging from peripheral displays to social and assistive robots. Her current research interests include designing educational games that are engaging and effective, designing services that adapt to people’s needs, and designing for healthcare. Jodi is a member of the ACM CHI Academy and has been honored by the Walter Reed Army Medical Center for excellence in HRI design research. Jodi has consulted with Disney and General Motors to create innovative product-service systems.