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The MISC research group connects researchers studying human-computer interaction, social computing, and computer-supported cooperative work across the University of Michigan. This is an inherently interdisciplinary research area that includes participants across a variety of schools and departments, including Information, Computer Science and Engineering, Education, the School of Public Health, and Industrial & Operations Engineering. As perhaps indicated by a number of departments, interactive and social computing has become an increasingly important topic across a variety of fields.


Here at MISC we’re all about connecting—connecting ideas, people, and information. We have weekly events hosting
speakers from diverse disciplines to share their research and insights, and for the past several years have held an annual workshop for student groups participating in the national CHI student design competition. Through these events we seek to connect the diverse communities around us, fostering a vibrant network of ideas and people. Come join us and hear the latest cutting-edge research, while building personal and professional relationships with your peers and colleagues.

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Academic Community

Though Michigan’s history in the HCI and Social Computing space is strong, the scattering of social and interactive computing researchers across a variety of departments and campuses creates challenges. Several of us have attended conferences only to meet other Michigan researchers, working on very closely related problems, for the first time.

To this end, we established the MISC research group in 2010. This is an evolution of a weekly writers group hosted by the School of Information in prior years, and is intended to reach a broader audience.

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